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Our Training and Development Practice helps high-tech professionals in Defence and Aerospace Industry. www.svipja.com/ refers.

We also empanel Offset Consultants with Industry knowledge in A & D. You could fill Your 'Resume' on
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Steps in Our Offset Process

Step 1: Acquaint Yourself first on Offset business. Please visit www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com , its connected Blogs and www.svipja.com in addition to other subject matter elsewhere. Offset Partnership and projects go thru rigorous 'Due Diligence' / 'Gate Reviews' by Vendors / Obligors.

Step 2: Register online on www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com using Internet Explorer to be part of the database of the Defence Industry. We are developing a consortium of MSMEs globally with India focus for them to participate in Aerospace and Defence direct and indirect Offset Projects.

Step 3: Obtain Industrial License, if required. We take Advisory on Products / Services to target, Capacity Creation, JV and Capital Structure incl FDI & Technology Agreements, etc.

Step 4: Become Industrial Sector Partner (ISP) of Svipja/India. We will guide the ISP firms go through qualified vendor registration process for Supply Chains of aerospace & defence firms.

Some of these steps could be attempted concurrently.


1. Yearly Membership Fee for Registering on the Site and using e-Marketplace Engine for Buying/Selling and accessing Info System, is as indicated in Tariffs on the Site.This is variable.

2. Separate Fee for Offset Consulting / Industrial Co-operation would apply. Contact svipja@gmail.comfor further details.

3. Addl Fee will apply in case of market research, study and other services.


1. Svipja provides guidance to the ISP on project suitability and document/plan preparation for the Gate Review Process, and its Presentation as required.

2. Svipja does not take responsibility for offset fund allotment to ISPs. This is decided by A & D Major Company based on the capability of the ISP to meet the needs of the A & D Major.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Digitisation and Skill Development Mobile Platform

Digitization and Skill Development are intrinsically linked especially in context of large areas, wide spread sub-units, varied disciplines,  and target population coverage.

Team Guru, www.team.guru,  aims to fill this need of the businesses.

‘Team Guru‘ creates interactive digital content utilizing explainer videos to make learning and information dissemination more effective. Guru has positioned itself as a ‘Content Digitization Company’  for various verticals with Web / Mobile platforms integrated with it, to facilitate sharing of the Content with target audience spread far and wide.

Svipja  Offset Practice and Skill Development in Defence and Aerospace Vertical utilizes services of Team Guru  for effective delivery and skill updation.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Defence Offset Initiatives in Skill Development: Positive Vibe!

The Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship made a strong pitch for using defence offsets for creation of infrastructure and facilities for Skill Development in the country with a particular focus on defence and strategic manufacturing skills. 

Under the proposed guidelines, Defence offsets for skill development would be overseen by a Committee under the Skills Ministry. The panel will identify skill sets and related infrastructure required to be acquired through offset route. 

Identification of skill sets, creation and subsequent certification of skill sets may or may not be related directly to the platform being procured even though the skill sets would be required to relate to defence infrastructure and aerospace only.(PTI News).

Friday, July 1, 2016

Delivery of Our Defence Portals

It is to clarify that our effort is to aggregate Defence and Aerospace companies to create a credible database for use by the Industry for their supply chain management, and offsets.

We only endeavour to keep the Portal operational for use by the Industry/Units.

It is a Self-Service for the Companies/Units.

Brigadier Sukhwindar Singh(Retired)
93501 71232

Monday, June 27, 2016

Defence Offsets India Fund: A Way Forward

Offsets come in 'Cash and Kind'. Leakages in Offsets are  common.

It is prudent that we create Defence Offsets India Fund regulated by an Agency of the MoD on the Concept of Escrow Account to utilise it efficiently, and prevent any leakages. Each Offset Project could be assigned money from this Fund. All inflow /outgo from the Fund are properly accounted.

In such a concept Obligors and MoD (Buyers) work in close co-ordination.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Made in India; Make in India, FDI, and Modern Technology Transfer in Defence

There have been wide ranging changes in policy on Defence Manufacturing in recent years including FDI support. FDI ultimately relates to Equity Holding in Indian Companies, sharing control with the Investor Partners. It would entail compromising ownership and related issues in our Defence Firms. Are we permitting such a condition?

Defence PSUs / Govt. Units, Vs, Private Sector Manufacturing is another issue. Farming Procurement Orders to the Private Sector is likely to remain in controversial discussions all the time...... a Major Policy Challenge! 

Presently most of the Defence Manufacturing and Control is with the Govt. Organisations. Its transition to the Private Sector has to be gradual. We must move to it Sub-System/System-based, and %-wise. Let us achieve 10% manufacturing of major systems for the Defence Forces in the Private Sector first in certain time frame on PPP Model, or some Other Model. Balance % of Systems selected for manufacturing in the Private Sector can be gradually assigned to them on seeing success of the first assignment. 

Made in India, Make in India then moves forward with FDI and Modern Technology coming from Abroad in certain cases.

We must retain our independence in all its facets in Defence.


Friday, May 27, 2016

My Views: Some Old Points on Offsets, but Many Still need to be Done

These Pts are listed on www.IndianDefenceIndustry.blogspot.com  Most of them have been addressed in DPP 20013 and 2016, but others , not yet done, need active consideration. Dates indicated are the Postings on my Blog; so being highlighted again.

03 Oct 2011

Please read below my Post on 'Defence Offsets India Fund' dt Jun 28, 2008.

We still feel that India should create a PE Fund to Develop Indian Defence Industry incl MSMEs for Inclusive Growth with Seed Funding by the MOD, & Cash out of Unabsorbed Offset Funds due from the Obligor(s). A difficult proposition, but must be discussed.

In addition, the following should be considered:

1. Banking of offsets beyond the present limit to 10 years and above in case of infrastructure,special and greenfield projects rendering value to the Indian Defence Industry.

2. FDI 26%, and extendable to 49% with approval. Anything beyond this has to be discouraged to retain our 'freedom'; commerce is not end all of everything.

3. Defence & Aerospace high-tech start-ups should get their rightful share of Offsets. Creation of long-term value addition should be seen in these companies.

These are some of the points that merit attention, especially in the backdrop that we may not get the desired technology thru the offset route.

04 May 2008

I feel that we should:

1. Permit offset banking. Will encourage Prime Contractors to invest in projects of relevance for India with long gestation period. And also Provide 'X Factor' of more than one in technologies relevant to India in short-term for credit.

2. Permit Indirect Offsets in Dual-Usage Sectors of strategic relevance to India.

3. ‘High-Tech, High-Worth, Knowledge-Based’ incubation are in Start-Ups & MSMEs. Would be more so in future. At least 40% of the offset funds be targeted for investment in such units. Large Enterprises tend to be ‘wasteful’. They must grow ‘organically’, or seek funds from the FIs.

4. ‘Defence Offsets India Fund’, if created, would help in better Control & Management ( of the Offset Fund).

5 . We must accept offsets both in ‘Cash & Kind'.

6. Prevent Leakages.

7. ‘Multi-Expertise’ Agency to manage Defence Offsets. 

8. See through 'lobbying'.

These thoughts could help.

We could fine-tune Indian Offset Policy as we gain experience ; at least every 2-3 years.

Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh
MTech (IIT, Delhi), MSc (Defence Studies), PGDM/
MBAFellow IETE,  Member CII, IDSA, USI.


Svipja Techno Consultants Pvt Ltd
B 19, Sector 60
Noida 201307


Founder & Owner, an e-Hub of India Defence and Aerospace Ecosystem.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Services as an Eligible Avenue of Offset Discharge in Defence

MoD has reinstated Services as an Eligible Avenue of Offset Discharge in Defence Offset Guidelines (Appendix D to Defence Procurement Procedure). Following have been reinstated:
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.
Upgradation / life extension.
R&D services (from Government recognised R&D facilities).
Engineering, design and Testing as well as software development have been reinstated with a maximum cap of 20 per cent of the total offset obligation with provision of random audit to verify value of offset contracts and additional requirement of CMMi  certification of 4 and above category for the IOPs where discharge is envisaged above 5 per cent of offset obligation.
Quality Assurance and Training would continue to be under abeyance.
These changes will apply to the relevant provision of earlier versions of DPP as well.
The change is applicable with immediate effect for RFPs issued on or after the date of issue of this amendment. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DPP 2013, Defence Offset Policy and Their Revision in 2015

I am NOT writing any Posts on the latest DPP, and the Defence Offsets Policy , both under revision, presently. Lots come in the Press.

We will only log Posts once the documents are finally released by the MOD.

We are 'quiet' and 'patient' till then.

All the Best for 'Make in India' Initiative!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Offsets Partnership / JVs with Indian MSMEs

Reaching Indian MSMEs for Offset Projects could be a tedious process. Whom should we Partner with, and for which Products / Services? This needs to be a transparent, totally professional and ethical approach, especially during due diligence of 'the to-be-partner' company. It needs to be one2one between Foreign OEM and the Indian MSMEs. Govt. should only intervene if the would-be company is blacklisted, or unethical. As regards its technical competence, financials, and other attributes, let Foreign OEM be the sole judge. This will make the MSMEs rise from start-up stage. It will avoid a great deal of inadequacies, and the OEM would then be wholly responsible and accountable for any lapses.

Implementation of the Offset Projects should be strictly monitored.

Monday, February 16, 2015

'Made in India' e-Marketplace for Aerospace and Defence

Our Defence and Aerospace e-Hub www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com  /  www.FreeMarketsDefence.com is 'Made in India', and fully owned by us.

At some later date it could have FDI, Technology and Marketing partnership(s). It needs to be further adapted, and grown to harness MSMEs, Indian and Foreign, after due diligence by an independent agency in order to provide reliable and validated database for selection / empanelling for various supply chains. And upgrade its technology on further funding and partnership(s).

Foreign technology and marketing partners who believe in the latest drive of the Indian Prime Minister to "Make in India" are welcome to partner with Svipja Technologies.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

e-SP2 Concept

e-Selling & e-Procurement Service Provider(s) (e-SP2) is an Innovative Idea.

In this concept, e-Selling, and e-Sourcing / e-Procurement is outsourced by Industry / Companies to experts outside their organisations in line with their Strategy. The goal of the Industry is to retain the existing 'edge' definitely, but still fine-tune 'input costs' with a view not to get 'edged-out' in the emerging environment of globalisation and liberalisation. This helps in making Selling and Buying Processes highly competitive.

e-Platforms are a great support to the e-SP2 Executives. These are professional platforms. The e-SP2 Executives can operate on these platforms freely in their own time, and from the place of their own choosing.

e-SP2 is a very strong business working for retired personnel, self-employed executives, freelance professionals, consultants, etc.

In this concept, the e-SP2 identifies a 'cluster of industry' in his area of operations, and undertakes responsibility to support them as an outside agency for its selling, marketing & procurement functions utilising our Platform www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com.com. e-SP2 can  also conveniently support the Uniformed Forces utilising this Platform. In the process, e-SP2:

  • Develops a Consortium of SMEs from India and Abroad in Aerospace-Marine-Defence Sector. This Consortium could be supported for participation in offset projects globally in these Segments both for Direct and Indirect offsets.
  • Guides SMEs through the qualified vendor registration processes for the supply chains of major Aerospace-Marine-Defence firms.
The e-SP2 works out commercial terms directly with the supported industry. It becomes his stable and recurring business.

Please also visit my Blog www.FreeMarketsDefence.blogspot.com for more details.

How the e-SP2 compensates Us for the Support provided, can be discussed one-to-one and will be based on case-to-case basis? You are welcome to seek more inputs by writing to Us on ceo@svipja.com