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Our Training and Development Practice helps high-tech professionals in Defence and Aerospace Industry. www.svipja.com/ refers.

We also empanel Offset Consultants with Industry knowledge in A & D. You could fill Your 'Resume' on
http://www.svipja.com/careers.php , or 'Join as a Consultant' on www.indiandefenceindustry.com/


Steps in Our Offset Process

Step 1: Acquaint Yourself first on Offset business. Please visit www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com , its connected Blogs and www.svipja.com in addition to other subject matter elsewhere. Offset Partnership and projects go thru rigorous 'Due Diligence' / 'Gate Reviews' by Vendors / Obligors.

Step 2: Register online on www.IndianDefenceIndustry.com using Internet Explorer to be part of the database of the Defence Industry. We are developing a consortium of MSMEs globally with India focus for them to participate in Aerospace and Defence direct and indirect Offset Projects.

Step 3: Obtain Industrial License, if required. We take Advisory on Products / Services to target, Capacity Creation, JV and Capital Structure incl FDI & Technology Agreements, etc.

Step 4: Become Industrial Sector Partner (ISP) of Svipja/India. We will guide the ISP firms go through qualified vendor registration process for Supply Chains of aerospace & defence firms.

Some of these steps could be attempted concurrently.


1. Yearly Membership Fee for Registering on the Site and using e-Marketplace Engine for Buying/Selling and accessing Info System, is as indicated in Tariffs on the Site.This is variable.

2. Separate Fee for Offset Consulting / Industrial Co-operation would apply. Contact svipja@gmail.comfor further details.

3. Addl Fee will apply in case of market research, study and other services.


1. Svipja provides guidance to the ISP on project suitability and document/plan preparation for the Gate Review Process, and its Presentation as required.

2. Svipja does not take responsibility for offset fund allotment to ISPs. This is decided by A & D Major Company based on the capability of the ISP to meet the needs of the A & D Major.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Internet-Telecom-Technology : Freelance Outsourcing to Professionals

(Credit: The Economic Times, 28 Dec 2007. An Article by Mahul Brahma).
e-SP2 Concept has been developed for 'freelance Outsourcing to Professionals'. The Concept has been laid out in our Post below. It could be useful for self-employment of Ex-Servicemen with no initial investments by them. Defence Community Members who believe in Productivity, are e-Savvy, and wish 'to Develop their Own Businesses' are welcome to contact Us for further details.

The above Article by Mahul Brahma explains in general terms how a professional can build a 'Single-Handed Inc', and become his own boss in an era of Internet, Telecom and Technology.

e-SP2 Concept is somewhat similar to this.

e-SP2 Team.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Concept: e-Selling & e-Procurement Service Providers (e-SP2)

e-Selling & e-Procurement Service Provider(s) (e-SP2) is an Innovative Idea.

In this concept, e-Selling and e-Procurement is outsourced by Industry/Companies to experts outside their organisations in line with their business strategy. The goal of the Industry is to retain the existing 'edge' definitely, but still fine-tune 'Sales & Marketing ' and 'Input Costs' with a view NOT to get 'edged-out' in the emerging environment of globalisation and liberalisation - 'Dragon' Hype !! And utilise expertise of high-tech & high-value Consultants, preferably with ICT background. This helps in making Selling and Buying Processes highly competitive - A boon to the Industry!

e-Platforms, if managed well, are a great support to the e-SP2 Executives. The e-SP2 Executives can operate on these platforms freely in their own time, and from the place of their own choosing.

The e-SP2 concept is useful for e-business working for professionals, consultants, retired executives, etc.

In this concept, the e-SP2 identifies a 'cluster of industry' in his geographical area, and undertakes responsibility to support it routinely as an outside agency utilising our e-Platform http://www.b2bsvipja.com/ /http://www.freemarketsdefence.com/

Sales, Marketing, Sourcing and Procurement are Core activities for any organisation. The e-SP2 brings outside expertise to the Industry in these functions deploying his ICT Knowledge. It is here that the e-SP2 adds value to the Industry.

The e-SP2 works very intimately with the permanent staff of the organisation ; in fact he is integral to them except that he is compensated differently. In a way, the e-SP2 works as a Freelance Consultant supporting Marketing & Procurement activities of MSMEs, and thus builds his own business.

In the process, the e-SP2 :

1. Develops a Consortium of MSMEs in Aerospace-Marine-Defence Sector with e-link(s) to Large Industry. This Consortium is now ready to participate in offset projects under directions of the e-SP2, both for Direct and Indirect offsets , nationally and globally. Leads to 'Offset Consultants' Role.

2. Guides MSMEs through qualified vendor registration for major Aerospace-Marine-Defence Vendors , and their other Consulting needs. Leads to 'Technology Consultants' Role.

Please visit http://www.defenceoffsetsindia.com/ http://www.svipja.com/ for understanding our business.

The e-SP2 works out commercial terms directly with the supported Organisation.

How he compensates Us for the support provided, can be discussed one-to-one and will be based on case-to-case basis? About 10 b USD (Around INR 40, 000 Crores) are likely to flow back into Indian Industry as offset projects till 2011. Ex-Servicemen can't afford to ignore this opportunity of Self-Emloyment. You are welcome to seek more inputs by writing to Us on svipja@airtelmail.in

Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh
Founder: 'e-SP2 Concept'

B2B, B2C, B2G in Defence Through IndianDefenceIndustry.com

Welcome to the world of e-Commerce for Defence!!

Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumers (B2C), and Business-to-Government (B2G) e-Solutions provide efficiency, transparency, and the best practices. Our Dual-Usage Industry, and Units/Formations need an e-Platform on which they could operate to meet their non-strategic routine needs of various products and services.

http://www.freemarketsdefence.com/ / http://www.indiandefenceindustry.com/ fills this need.

This Portal is a “pure player” in the B2B-B2C-B2G Defence segment. It has an embedded e-Selling, e-Sourcing, and e-Procurement Engine based on a Simple Bidding Process. Core modules of the e-Marketplace are ‘Post Request as a Buyer’, ‘Post Request as a Seller’, ‘Processes Involved in Formal Procurement’ and ‘Generation of a Comparative Statement’ without human intervention to help the Buyers identify the lowest bidder. It has validated e-Directory of Defence Industry.

Industry, and Units / Formations could avail 'Self-Service'.

Consultants, or 'e-Selling and e-Procurement Procurement Service Providers (e-SP2)' could work on this e-Platform to provide 'Managed Services'.

The e-Marketplace presently covers 23 Main Categories with over 550 Sub-Categories. It has approx 1000 Member Companies presently registered on it, consisting of 700 Indian Members and 300 Foreign Members.

http://www.indiandefenceindustry.com/ has India focus with global orientation. It is listed on the Official Site of the European Union amongst Eight credible Defence e-Marketplaces; the Only one Outside USA & Europe. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Indian American Council (IAC), USA, support it. Is highly visible on Search Engines, like Google, MSN, AltaVista, Yahoo, etc, and is visited well in all the Time Zones. This helps in Exports.

Members touch the markets faster and efficiently. Buyers and Sellers both benefit by reaching the qualified markets with greater ease nationally and globally, thus saving costs and increasing their profits.

Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Deliverables to the Indian Defence Community

We wish to introduce e-Commerce in routine purchases in Defence as a Private Initiative. You can participate in this Initiative.

Certain points about our e-Marketplace:

  • http://www.indiandefenceindustry.com/ is an 'Open Forum with NO sharing of Classified Matters'.
  • Is purely an e-Commerce platform for MSMEs, Units / Formations covering 'non-lethal & un-controlled' products and services.
  • Brings advantages to ex-servicemen, freelance professionals, and the Indian Defence Community to engage as 'e-Selling and e-Procurement Procurement Service Providers (e-SP2)' for Industry,& Units/Formations, from their places of engagements.
  • The Members are expected to work as per the 'Terms and Conditions' , and within the 'Privacy Policy' laid down for the Portal.

Commercial terms can be worked out on individual basis. All back-end support is provided by Svipja Technologies.

We follow strict business ethics, and all Rules and Regulations of the Land in toto. We expect similar Code of Conduct from our Members.

The Platform is nationally and internationally recognised. Would request interested individuals to correspond on info@svipja.com for further information.

We build interactive Indian Defence Community in the process.

Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh

Founder & CEO , http://www.indiandefenceindustry.com/

Welcome to Join the Indian Defence Community !!

http://www.indiandefenceindustry.com/ / http://www.freemarketsdefence.com/ aims to build Indian Defence Community for e-Commerce.

e-savvy Industry Experts, Executives and their Spouses / Wards, Researchers, Technologists, Buyers / Sellers of Defence Products & Services incl Police Forces, both from India & abroad, are welcome to join this Group.

We provide Free Membership for one year to the Community Members.

This is a serious 'professional / business networking' alliance which believes in bringing best practices to the Defence. Would request Only individuals with professional ethics to join in.

Credibility of the Members is dear to Us. NO frauds please.

Pse visit
http://www.freemarketsdefence.com/ / http://www.indiandefenceindustry.com/ for details.

Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh