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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Indian Defence Industry Development

Air Force to Get Brahmos. The Govt. has cleared Rs 11,600 Crore Agreement for formal induction of the Brahmos missile into the IAF. It has also cleared two more regts of the supersonic land attack system to the Army.

The missile is already in service with the Navy and Army. This is the first time that a surface-to-surface version of the missile will be inducted into the IAF.

Brahmos Aerospace, a joint venture between the DRDO and Russian company. This is to develop and manufacture of advanced versions of the cruise missile that can be launched from aircraft, submarines, ships and land. Brahmos is capable of attaining speeds between 2.5 and 2.8 mach, it has a range of about 290 km .

Indian Light Combat Helicopter(LCH). India has flight-tested a prototype of the LCH successfully.

"The maiden test flight of the LCH on 29 Mar 2010 was successful. Though it was a short haul lasting about 20 minutes, the performance was good," said the CMD, HAL.

The 5.5-tonne attack helicopter copter is an Air Force derivative of HAL's Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), known as Dhruv. The LCH can operate at altitudes up to 6,000 m. It has Shakti engine, developed by HAL in partnership with Turbomeca, France.

HAL plans to supply about 150-175 units of the LCH to the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Army which already operates the military version of Dhruv for various functions.

The LCH will be equipped with advanced weapons systems , helmet-mounted targeting system, EW Systems. It will incorporate a number of stealth features and crash-worthy landing gear for better survivability. It will have a narrow fuselage, with two crew stations.

Svipja Technologies

Monday, March 29, 2010

Launch of ‘Svipja Civil- Military Relations Chair’


“Svipja Civil- Military Relations Chair” (or ‘Chair’, for short) has been set-up by Svipja Technologies with a view to harness Ideas from Intellectual Defence Community to promote Civil-Military Relations in India. Views from the International Community will also be welcome.

This work is needed in order to raise intellectual capital of the stakeholders in line with the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution. It would help reinforcing democratic values in the Defence Community with Military Ethos intact.


The establishment of the Chair and Fellowships is expected to:

1. Promote healthy and meaningful exchange of ideas amongst the intellectual Defence Community on civil-military relations in the Indian Context.

2. Facilitate wider, deeper, and un-biased discussions / interactions amongst the intellectual Community, and Faculty / Moderator(s) appointed against the Chair or as Fellows, in particular.

Terms and Conditions

The creation and operation of the Chair and Fellowships will be subject to the terms enumerated in the succeeding paras.

Methodology Research work on the subject will be undertaken by a Team constituted by Svipja Technologies within the Objectives laid. Certain identified Blogs / Sites will be used to initiate discussions amongst the stakeholders. Once done, ‘finished product’ would be circulated to the stakeholders, and published in a transparent manner.

Donor(s) Svipja Technologies will meet all the expenses of the Chair as a Founder.

Founder Fellowship Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh will be the first faculty against the Chair.

Guidelines for “Appointment” of Faculty Against the Chair To be approved by the Board of Governors established by Svipja Technologies / Trusts / Donors.

Eligibility Anyone with a track record in defence with independent, impartial & sound logical abilities would be eligible to be considered for “appointment” against the Chair. Individual(s) being considered would first be appointed as Moderator(s). The Chair has a Think Tank’s charter.

Duration of the Chair The “appointment” against the Chair will be made for a period of up to five years. However, continuation into the fourth and fifth years will be subject to a review at the end of the third year. Further, an individual may be eligible to be considered for re-appointment, together with other eligible candidates, for a period of up to 5 years (without a break) any number of times.

Designation Member(s) appointed against the Chair will be called “Svipja Civil-Military Relations Chair Emeritus Research Fellow / Research Fellow / Research Associate Fellow”.

Research Grant To be assigned by Svipja Technologies on need basis as the faculty / work expands.

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights As a result of the “appointment” against the Chair, there shall be no change in the rights applicable to the IP developed by the researchers / faculty members and/or his/her collaborators.

Strategic Alliance(s) Svipja Technologies would be willing to establish strategic alliance(s) with like-minded bodies.

Research Presentations Research Articles will be published on Media/Sites/Blogs identified for the purpose. In addition, as a result of the “appointment” against the Chair, the faculty would be expected to undertake Presentations of the research findings of the Chair to various targeted audience, organizations and institutions.


This work would enhance intellectual capital of the stakeholders for security of the country in environments unfolding in the 21st Century India. Dynamics of the Civil-Military relations needs to be captured routinely in the Indian Polity.

All Veterans are welcome to contribute their thoughts.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

India to Get Second AWACS Today

India will receive another Israeli-made Phalcon Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) today, giving it the second 'eye in the sky' for enhanced surveillance.

The second AWACS will arrive in Jamnagar in Gujarat and will be based in Agra.

With the arrival of the second AWACS, officials said the IAF can keep an eye on both the Eastern and Western Fronts.After the induction of the third system, India would be able to virtually cover the whole nation at one go.

The system, primarily used for detection of incoming hostile cruise missiles and aircraft from hundreds of kms away, can also direct air defence fighters during combat operations against enemy jets. It also helps detect troop build up across the borders.

Svipja Technologies
Credit: PTI.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Indigenous Effort in A & D

India's Public and Private Sector would have a much bigger role to play in the production of defence equipment in the near future if the country is to achieve near-self-reliance, Defence Minister A.K. Antony said on 17 March after commissioning the ICGS ‘Vishwast' at the Goa Shipyard Limited. Our desire is to strive for more self-reliance in this critical area.

“We should reduce reliance on other countries and make more space for Indian industries in both the Private and Public Sectors,” he said.

The bottom line is, while underlining the growing importance of the Private Sector in the area of defence equipment production, it would not mean the weakening of the Public Sector. Private Sector production in the A & D is to be add-on. Defence equipment supply to other friendly countries should also be on our agenda.

Svipja Technologies
Credit: The Hindu.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Indian Defence Industry Development

LCA. India is likely to induct the LCA into the Air Force by March 2011, as per the Indian Defence Minister A. K. Antony. LCA is an advanced technology, supersonic, multirole, air superiority fighter, single-seat, single-engine, lightweight, all-weather ac designed for air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-sea combat roles. The IAF has already inducted 20 LCAs at the Operational Clearance Stage. They need more than 200 LCA-type ac.

Nag (Cobra) Missile/ATGM. It is a third-generation (Gen-3) - fire-and-forget- missile. Its optical guidance system is virtually jam-proof. It will be inducted into the Indian Army shortly. Has a range of 500 m to 3000-4000 km. Can be fired at night. Developed by the DRDO under Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP) which was initiated in 1983. The IGMDP has the Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles; the Akash and Trishul anti-aircraft missiles; and the Nag ATGM to its credit.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Indian Defence Industry Development

Issues are falling in place after the recent Def Expo 2010. The Govt./MOD has made its stand clear on certain matters. Some of the important developments are listed in the succeeding paras.

FDI in Defence. As articulated in this Blog from the very beginning, the Govt. may allow higher FDI than 26% on case-to-case basis, but the 26% limit remains.

Basic Trainer Planes. India is to procure 75 Basic Trainer Planes. As per Reports, RFPs have been floated to EADS PZL (PZL-130-TC-11 Orik), Raytheon (T-6 Texan), Grob Aircraft Company (G-120TP) , Embraer’s Tucano, Pilatus (PC-7 or PC-/9), Finmeccanica (M-311), and Korea Aerospace Industries (KT-1). Later, 106 ac will be built by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)”.

Russia-India Co-operation. Are likely to sign 4 b USD defence contracts. These are to be three contracts incl retrofitting the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, possibly during Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to India.

NBC Simulator by Navy. The Navy is setting up a NBC defence training facility for its personnel. Request for Information (RFI) has been issued.

Brigadier(Retired) Sukhwindar Singh
(An e-Hub for India Defence & Aerospace Ecosystem)
Credit: USIBC and Its News Agencies.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

India Defence Budget 2010-2011

"Secure Borders and Security of Life and Property Fosters Development”. The Defence Minister proposed to increase the allocation for defence to Rs.147,344 Crore. This includes Rs.60,000 Crore for Capital Expenditure. Any additional requirement for the security of the nation will also be provided for.

The allocation for OFB has been slashed by Rs.1,835 Crore to Rs.1,999 Crore against Rs.3,834 Crore in the previous fiscal.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) receives a hike of Rs.881 Crore to Rs.5,260 Crore from its revised allocation of Rs.4,379 Crore in the FY.

India Defence Budget 2010-2011